Refill RX:
Refilling prescriptions is now as easy as logging on to the internet or calling us. With Buffalo Prescription Shop, you can refill active medication prescriptions without the hassle of requesting them in person. There is no charge to customers utilizing the online refill system.

Transfer RX:
For easy access and convenience in getting the medication you need, you can transfer your prescriptions online or by giving us a call.

Delivery Services:
We are happy to deliver your prescription within the city limits. Just call us by 3pm. Deliveries will go out at 4 pm.

Unit Dose Packing Services:
We offer a PacMed packaging system to ensure patient medication adherence. This system inserts medications into sealed, pharmacist-verified packets with all of the instructions clearly printed on the outside. The medications come in a strip printed with name, time of administration, medication names and strengths, and directions. We trust that our commitment to offering the latest innovation in medication management provides greater peace of mind for you and your family that you or your loved one will be getting the medication they need when they need it.